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Trudeau's Love of Guns and Lattés Gives Him an Edge

Posted: 12/03/2012 11:17 am

Justin Trudeau had barely finished taking his foot out of his mouth when he decided to cram it right back in there. Although this time, his foot is giving Canadians an involuntary gag reflex. After spending his years in Parliament defending the long-gun registry, and voting to keep the registry, JT decided he would call the long-gun registry a failure in the Conservative riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. Rightfully, his critics are calling out his hypocrisy.

Trudeau is no stranger to the controversial comment territory, although most of the time, he finds himself in trouble for his trademark lackadaisical, off-the-cuff remarks. From referring to Ministers as bits of excrement, to losing a Twitter battle to Jason Kenney over honour killings, and claiming that Quebecers make better Prime Ministers, Trudeau has never been one to shy away from his now archetypal flippant observations. His dismissal of the long-gun registry, however, is much more damning, as it demonstrates (1) apparent problems with his short-term memory, and (2) political pandering at its worst.

The notion that politicians pander to their given audience is of no surprise to anybody, but even the most naïve of voters can concede to the fact that Trudeau would have never made those remarks in the city of Montreal. In a city that is home to the Polytechnique massacre, the Dawson shooting, Valery Fabrikant and an assassination attempt on our current Premier just mere months ago, Trudeau would have to be either daft or supercilious to declare the long-gun registry a failure in the 514 area code.

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  • TheMajor

    Trudeau really stepped into it in Alberta eh? Quebec leader????

  • Paul McLeod

    No one outside of Alberta cares that Trudeau dissed Alberta. But the appearance of favoritism for Quebec, that hits a nerve.

  • Karen Robson

    Trudeau said something bad about Alberta. Since when are cowboys so sensitive?

  • Karen Robson

    I'm from Alberta. Trudeau is right.

  • Darren Kirkham

    If anti-Alberta Justin Trudeau is elected, Western Canada should separate.

  • Kelly Robson

    Anti-Alberta Trudeau interview reminds Canadians why the Liberals were voted out

  • Dave Limacher

    Is Justin Trudeau still popular in Alberta today?

  • Zoey Duncan

    Part of me is offended by Trudeau’s anti-Alberta comments. Part of me wonders who are these nasty Albertans giving rest of us a bad name.

  • Տҝ∆₩ナ

    Justin Trudeau just keeps bashing #alberta. If you live in Western Canada and vote for Trudeau,hit yourself with a frying pan. #yeg #yyc

  • Chris_T

    Hey to break it to the tories but if they attack justin trudeau as "anti alberta" it may work for him

  • Peter Mansbridge

    Justin Trudeau found out what it's really like to play in the big leagues today. And Andrew Chantal and Bruce are eager to talk about it.

  • Steve Murray

    If I were Trudeau I would get out in front of this thing and challenge anyone to a boxing match.

  • Susan Delacourt

    I've watched a lot of TV on Trudeau's comments tonight but with rare exceptions, only non-Liberals speaking. What's that about? #cdnpoli

  • Art Middleton

    btw, it's comments like those from Justin Trudeau that convince me Alberta is better off as it's own country.

  • Sean Dicks

    @petermansbridge all the dirty secrets will come out now. It's not even election time! Are the Cons threatened?

  • David Akin

    Long history of English reporters ignoring what happens across the river, my guess. MT @aaronwherry: How did Trudeau comments escape notice

  • Angela

    I said it earlier and I'll say again. Justin Trudeau makes Thomas Mulcair appear sane. #cdnpoli #shinypony #tcot

  • Keith Torrie

    To those upset by Trudeau's Alberta comments remember we have a Prime Minister who said Atlantic Canada has a "culture of defeat". #cdnpoli

  • Wade Prue

    Hold the phones everyone; a Liberal spoke out against western focused political interests. Honestly, I am stunned. http://t.co/VnTCtcJP

  • Rosalind Robertson

    Let us all learn a valuable PR lesson: Tape never dies. #justintrudeau http://t.co/hwGkTe6a

  • Manny Montenegrino

    Cause most LPC agree with western bigotry sentiments MT @SusanDelacourt: .only non-Liberals speaking Trudeau's comments. What's that about?

  • Brittany Steele

    Aghhhhh Trudeau *palm face* CTV News: Conservatives seize on Trudeau's Alberta remarks as byelection fight heats up http://t.co/7KgYhFRB

  • scott faulconbridge

    Justin Trudeau caught on video with anti Albertan slant. SUN NEWS journalists will take turns masterbating to the video for the next week.

  • Nic Ruszkowski

    So Trudeau controversy asks if Laurier, St-Laurent, Trudeau, Mulroney, Chrétien were better for Canada than Bennett, Clark and Harper...

  • Isaac

    Trudeau should just come out and back the stamps in the grey cup. Problem solved.

  • Shaggy

    #nevervoteliberal Ahhh...the old #Trudeau #Liberal #Quebec arrogance comes out again. Justin's comments on AB in 2010 http://t.co/vBtx30Xy

  • Kristy Kirkup

    The govt now wants #LPC to fire Trudeau from his portfolio as critic for amateur sport, suggests 2010 comments were "anti-Alberta" #cdnpoli

  • Clint Upham

    TOstar headline: "Justin Trudeau faces uproar for alleged anti-Alberta comments" Alleged?! He said it! via @PartyOfSunshine cc: @shephardm

  • colin horgan

    The NDP is jumping on the Trudeau Alberta comments, too. @nathancullen speaks to how great Alberta is #hoc

  • Miss June

    Trudeau anti-alberta bias- hardly believe he has changed his tune since 2010. He was raised by his father after all. http://t.co/7W1QPQF4

  • LeighPatrickSullivan

    Wonder if Harvey Locke knows no good Liberals come from Alberta, according to J Trudeau. #tcot #yyccentre #yyc #abpoli #ShinyPony

  • Darren Kirkham

    Anti Alberta comments "Taken out of context" Justin Trudeau? Proves he is arrogant and delusional. #cdnpoli #abpoli #qcpoli

Although, it is important to highlight that Quebec does have a higher rate of guns per capita than other provinces, so it would be a mistake to assert that Quebecers of all stripes suffer from gun aversion. But that's not really the point. If Trudeau did indeed believe that guns make up a very important part of the Canadian identity, as he so stated, then I suppose it's a shame that he was forced to toe the party line that is so ubiquitous in parliamentary politics.

The argument that law-abiding hunters should not have to be responsible for increased gang-related gun crime in urban city centres is valid and is worth consideration. It's just too bad that Trudeau didn't think to consider it himself before this weekend. Voting in a manner dictated by your party is one thing, and going out of your way to make comments declaring that the registry indeed saves lives are another. At the memorial for the 14 victims of the Polytechnique shooting, Trudeau stated, "The Conservatives have tried to separate the gun registry from the issue of violence against women in a way that is not just unethical, but also completely counter to factual evidence," he said. "The gun registry saves lives. They are eliminating it."

Therein lies the flip-floppery.

Interestingly, this just might make him even that more electable. Recent polling has shown that Canadians are much more likely to vote Liberal with Trudeau at the helm, with some even suggesting that he could take down the Conservatives. With the Liberals in desperate need of resuscitation, appealing to rural voters in this manner does not exactly lend credence to the theory that the man is all hair and no brain.

A dynamic, young politician who likes his guns as much as he likes his lattés? Perhaps the Conservatives should be worried.


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