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Gasoline In Garbage Bags: Bellingham Gas Station Catches Canadian Filling Up

UPDATE: Monday, August 20: A man claiming to be the individual who pumped gasoline into garbage bags says he had jerrycans

Was Fred Meyer sold out of jerrycans?

Komo News reports that a Canadian man has been caught filling garbage bags full of gasoline at a Fred Meyer gas station in Bellingham, Wash.

It's common practice for Canadians to cross the border to buy their gasoline, but Sgt. Mark Dennis with the Washington State Patrol says this particular practice goes too far.

"You run the risk of all sorts of potential if there was an impact or anything like that," he told Komo. "You simply wouldn't want to have loose gasoline inside of a car."

A spokeswoman for Fred Meyer said the man is a regular customer and added it's against company policy to let people fill up if they don't have an appropriate container. The store has notified police of the incident.

This isn't the first time that Bellingham residents have taken exception with Canadian shopping practices south of the border.

Last month, Canadian bargain hunters drew significant attention after regular shoppers at a Bellingham Costco created a Facebook page titled "Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans," after shoppers were overwhelmed by Canadian customers.

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