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Maygan Sensenberger's Facebook Photos Pulled Down


Maygan Sensenberger, the 23-year-old wife of Canadian Senator Rod Zimmer, quit Facebook on Tuesday. Sort of.

Sensenberger's Facebook page, the source of photos printed by news outlets worldwide, disappeared Tuesday morning, only to reappear shortly after with revised privacy settings. Her photos, once open for all to see, are now inaccessible to the public.


UPDATE: A judge has loosened the restrictions on Sensenberger, allowing her to speak with Zimmer on the phone or through the Internet. The case will be back in court Sept. 18.

The Facebook page for her wedding to Zimmer has been pulled down completely.

Sensenberger, originally charged with endangering the safety of an aircraft (now dropped) and causing a disturbance, appeared in court Monday and was released on bail on the condition she does not have contact with her husband.

The condition almost immediately became an issue.

Sensenberger was supposed to spend Monday night at the home of Zimmer's brother near Saskatoon. But she returned to court just after being granted bail to ask that she have no specified residence.

Apparently planning to stay in a hotel instead, Sensenberger said she had no money as her husband held all the credit cards, according to the National Post.

The judge then asked Zimmer if he would give a credit card to Sensenberger's lawyer so as not to violate the terms of her bail. Zimmer seemed to agree.

Why did Sensenberger decide not to stay at the home of Zimmer's brother?

The 69-year-old senator's marriage to the attractive young blond seems to have caused a rift with his family.

"There is no secret that the marriage caused a big tension in the family. Anybody who was at that wedding, (saw) there were no members of his family present at all," a source close to Zimmer told iPolitics.

Perhaps Sensenberger didn't want to spend time with a hostile family without her husband in tow.

Sensenberger's family, meanwhile, seems to have no problem with the marriage and simply want to see Maygan go free.

Her family appeared in photos with Zimmer on the now invisible Facebook galleries on Sensenberger's page.

On Monday, Sensenberger's grandmother Rita, who at 68 years old is younger than Zimmer, said she doesn't see anything wrong with the union.

"They're both happy, so what difference does age make? You can't help who you fall in love with."

Rita said the couple met on a blind date.

"They've been together for years, they waited until after she had her 21st birthday to announce that they were together."

The couple's marriage is now under huge strain as the eyes of Canadians focus on the case.

Sensenberger appeared before a judge again on Tuesday, this time in a court set aside for domestic violence proceedings.

The charge of endangering the safety of an aircraft was dropped, but the Crown added the charge of uttering threats. Sensenberger is also still charged with causing a disturbance.

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