09/24/2012 07:38 EDT

Canadian Dance Moves Strangely Hypnotic (VIDEO)

Move over, Gangnam Style. Canadian Dance Moves is moving in. A hokey dance video that may rival the Korean viral hit has surfaced on YouTube.

Canadian Dance Moves is an endearing homage to our country’s wholesome personality. It showcases moves dubbed The Lumberjack, The Friendly Backpacker and our personal favourite, Carry The Two-Four. Plus they're easy to bust out on the dance floor -- or on the Grouse Grind in North Van, or on the frozen Rideau Canal in Ottawa, or maybe backpacking in Italy. You know, wherever the mood to dance Canadian strikes.

Liam Kearney, a digital production co-ordinator, his girlfriend Stina Dios, and Jeff Higgins created the video in Toronto over a few days. Kearney says the biggest expense was a pair of $25 red pants.

He says they created the video just for fun. “I enjoy making people laugh and I enjoy dancing, so I figured I could try and combine the two,” Kearney told The Huffington Post B.C.

Oh and that weirdly hypnotic song is called “Canadian, Please,” which made its own YouTube splash in 2009.