09/28/2012 07:31 EDT | Updated 09/28/2012 07:32 EDT

Justin Trudeau And The 14 Most Ridiculously Unflattering Things The Media Has Said About Him (PHOTOS)


The conventional wisdom is that Canada's media is in love with Justin Trudeau, but not every journalist is fawning over the man many think is set to win the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Back in mid-August, when speculation over whether Trudeau would make a run was at a fever pitch, we took a look at the 11 most ridiculously flattering things the media had said about Canada's heir apparent. It seemed appropriate given the unrestrained flattery taking place during those long summer months.

But now that news has broken that Trudeau's leadership campaign is becoming a reality, the press seems to have lost its previous love for the Grits' favourite son.

Common themes in recent columns: Comparisons to Justin Bieber, jokes about his "Johnny Depp" facial hair and assertions that an unqualified, untested and generally flaky Trudeau will ruin the Liberal leadership race and do more damage to the party than Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff combined.

So in honour of the media's sudden rejection of "Trudeaumania: The Sequel," we bring you the 14 most ridiculously unflattering things the media has said about Trudeau so far this month.

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