Canada Eating Habits: Canada's Thinnest Province Loves Dessert, Study Finds

The province with the biggest sweet tooth doesn't seem to have a problem fitting into their jeans.

According to a new study by market research company The NPD Group, the 15th annual 'Eating Patterns In Canada,' report found that Quebec was not only the slimmest province, but they also eat the most desserts during dinner. More than half of Quebec adults are classified as obese or overweight, but this remains to be the lowest statistic across all provinces, according to Health Canada.

The study found that regions of Quebec has 112 meals (including dinner and dessert) per year, per capita, while Ontario consumed 57 meals, Atlantic Canada had 89 and the west coast ate about 55 meals.

“We’re certainly seeing influences of the well-known French European diet in French Canada, but with the demands of the western world, convenience is a key factor for Quebecers when preparing meals,” said Joel Gregoire, Foodservice industry analyst at The NPD Group in a press release.

Turns out 19 per cent of Quebecers steer towards a slice of cake, 18 per cent love cookies and they are also less calorie conscious than the rest of Canada — fully indulging in full and regular meals every day, according to the study.

In September, another report by Grocery Innovations Canada showed that Canadians preferred ethnic foods and healthier foods more than ever, and gluten-free options was becoming more popular than ever.

So does this mean eating more slices of cheesecake and living in Quebec can keep you thin? Not really. There may be no real secret to a Quebecer's eating habits, but the poll found that 29 per cent of adults avoid all snacks and unlike the rest of the country, they are less likely to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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