01/29/2013 11:19 EST

Most Powerful People In Ottawa Listed By Hill Times (PHOTOS)


The Hill Times has released its list of the 101 most powerful and influential people in Canada's government and it seems the top of the heap is still dominated by men.

There is not a single woman in the top 10 and just five in the top 25.

This stands in stark contrast to the situation at the provincial level. Women now lead the four largest provinces in the nation, and six out of 13 provinces and territories total, but the federal scene continues to be dominated by men.

The top 10 also gives some insight into where the ruling Conservatives go next. Stephen Harper has already ruled the country for nearly seven years and will be approaching a decade as prime minister when the next election comes in 2015.

Many are already wondering who will take the reins from a prime minister with such a notoriously strong hold on power.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty would seem to be a top contender, but he has repeatedly said he will leave politics as soon as Canada returns to balanced budgets.

That leaves Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Treasury Board President Tony Clement as likely combatants to succeed Harper. All three are near the top of The Hill Times list.

While cabinet ministers and federal leaders dominate the top 10, the rest of the survey gives an interesting glimpse into how power actually works in Ottawa.

Aides to the prime minister, top bureaucrats, lobbyists and, yes, even senators are scattered throughout. The list even makes room for a few journalists.

Oh, and if you were wondering where current media darling Justin Trudeau ranks, he sneaks in to the numbered section at 25. Look for that ranking to rise significantly if he manages to win the Liberal leadership in April.

You can read the entire Power and Influence issue here and check out the top 10 in the slideshow below.

The 10 Most Powerful People In Ottawa