02/05/2013 03:12 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:41 EDT

Valentine's Day Lingerie: Miranda Kerr Bares Almost All In Timely Victoria's Secret Ad

February has, de facto, become lingerie month here at The Huffington Post Canada Style.

Not only do our inboxes fill with news of sky-rocketing negligee, brassier and thong sales — as men and women look to tantalize their Valentine's Day lover with a sexy frock — it's also the time of year many companies release scintillating lingerie ads. (Coincidental timing, non?)

Case in point are these photos from Victoria's Secret. Just in time for the day Cupid's arrow is supposed to strike, the company has released shots of their new "bridal" line. (It's perfect for those who get engaged on February 14th.)

Starring Miranda Kerr, the collection features lots of lace, shades of white and plenty of strategically placed peep-holes.

Check out the sexy shots below.

valentines day lingerie

valentines day lingerie

valentines day lingerie

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