02/16/2013 12:54 EST | Updated 03/25/2013 06:42 EDT

Most Expensive House In Vancouver, February 2013


Greater Vancouver's priciest real estate listings are not doing any favours to buffer the region's reputation of being unaffordable.

Last month, Greater Vancouver homes sales dropped 14.3 per cent compared to January 2012, prompting some sellers to pull their listings off the market.

But that news hasn't deterred some sellers: a handful of the region's most luxurious properties are still on the market. They include an extravagant $38-million mansion, a 4,015-sq. foot condo and a West Vancouver waterfront estate with the city's only concrete roof.

The mansion is the second priciest home ever listed in Canada, according to the North Shore News.

The house, originally built for a shipping magnate, has not changed much since it was constructed in 1964, reported the newspaper.

"Basically, the value is in the land. There's no value in the house," said Laura McLaren, a real estate agent handling the home.

High asking prices are common across Metro Vancouver as are offensive $2-million bungalow listings.

Affordable housing, which is a priority for the City of Vancouver, has seen the birth of proposals such as a cohousing" compound in East Van which would help families save on living costs.

The B.C. Real Estate Association forecasts sales to increase to 5.6 per cent from 2012, thanks in part to growing housing demand from a strong global economy.

Here are the 11 most expensive houses and condos for sale in Greater Vancouver this month:

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CLARIFICATION - March 6, 2013: The photos of the $38-million mansion in the slideshow are artist renderings, not actual photos of the mansion itself.