03/01/2013 10:11 EST | Updated 03/01/2013 10:12 EST

Common Thread: How Mulberry, Tilda Swinton And Anne Hathaway Are Connected


In the wonderful world of fashion, everyone — and everything — is connected. We’re taking a look at who and what made waves in the past seven days, and weaving a common thread between them. From a new designer boutique to an Oscar-fashion faux pas, this is your one-stop style-story shop.

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1. Mulberry In Canada. With the rumoured Yorkdale Mall renovations slated to house Mulberry’s first Canadian store in Toronto, looks like we’re all going to get our turn going around the bush. Alexa satchels (US $1,500) and Del Rey totes (US $3,100) will soon be swinging off every arm that can afford one… so, not many. But isn’t it nice to have the option to buy your very own Daria clutch from this iconic British fashion house if you wanted to?

Do you know what other British beauty makes our pulses beat faster?

2. Tilda Swinton For Chanel. It’s fitting that Karl Lagerfeld would ask Tilda Swinton, a Scottish actress known for marching to the beat of her own drum (or is it bagpipe?), to be the face of his Chanel Metiers d'Art Paris-Edimbourg campaign. With its plethora of plaids, flowing coat dresses and layers and layers of woven wool, not only will Tilda look right at home wearing this collection, but she’ll elevate it — with her haunting looks and piercing charisma.

Do you know what other British model is elevating herself to new heights?

3. Cara Delevingne.British beauty Cara Delevingne has taken steps to protect herself from unapproved products being released under her name by registering it as an official trademark. Filing “Cara Delevingne” with the Intellectual Property Office gives her complete control to use her “name brand” as a marketing and promotional tool. On top of that, she also has a newly registered company, Cara & Co., which is co-directed by her father, Charles Delevingne. This girl has some serious ambition…and a brain for business, apparently.

Do you know who could use a lesson from Cara in appropriate business practices?

4. Numéro.Numéro magazine has come under fire this week for a questionable decision to dress a Caucasian model up in a turban and very (very) dark skin makeup in a fashion spread titled “African Queen.” The photographer responsible for the images, Sebastian Kim, has responded to the outrage, stating “It saddens me that people would interpret this as a mockery of race.”

Do you know who else got themselves into hot water this week?

5. Anne Hathaway And Her Dress. After a week of best-dressed-at-the-Oscars lists, Anna Hathaway has released an official apology. For what, you may ask? For changing her mind just hours before the red carpet and putting on a pink Prada gown and not a Valentino one she told the Italian designer she’d wear to the prestigious awards show. Why would she do such a thinkk? Reportedly because Anne found out another actress was going to be wearing a very similar gown. Ah well, at least she won an Oscar.