04/09/2013 08:43 EDT | Updated 04/09/2013 08:48 EDT

What The Heck Is Pierre Trudeau Doing? A Retrospective (PHOTOS)


Justin Trudeau made waves online this weekend by posting a photo of himself and wife Sophie dancing behind the scenes at the Liberal leadership showcase in Toronto.

Many commented that Trudeau seems to be taking a page out of Barack Obama's social media playbook, but funny or candid political photo-ops have been around a lot longer than one famous first family. Trudeau's own father was a master of the staged picture.

Well, master may be going a little too far.

While the elder Trudeau was responsible for more than his fair share of iconic imagery, he was also caught in some downright embarrassing poses over the year.

Think the photos from Stephen Harper's arctic trips have been laughable? You obviously don't remember what people were wearing in the 1970s.

Presented without further comment, some of the most hilariously baffling photos of Pierre Trudeau.

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