05/08/2013 01:44 EDT | Updated 05/08/2013 01:49 EDT

'Big Brother Canada' Reunion: Gary, Peter, Emmett On Their Futures (VIDEO)

After awarding HuffPost Canada's favourite "Big Brother Canada" contestants, we chatted with Peter, Gary and Emmett about the controversial finale, what they plan to do next and if they have any regrets about their strategies on the show.

But those questions are kind of dull, right? You really want to know why Peter yelled all the time, or why the other houseguests insisted that Gary was the messiest person to co-habitate with. Lucky for you: we asked them those questions, too.

"Big Brother Canada" ended up being a highly entertaining reality show -- a rather adventurous Canadian venture (when compared to other Canadian reality productions). We'll be there for a Season 2 if it comes to fruition.

Watch the video, above. You can check out the first part of the video below.

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