05/27/2013 11:08 EDT | Updated 05/27/2013 11:15 EDT

Air Canada Rouge Uniforms: New Low-Cost Airline Makes Its Debut (PHOTOS)

Air Canada

Air Canada Rouge's first flight is taking off in just over a month and while we care about safety, competent pilots and yummy food, the more pressing question is: How cute are the uniforms?

The low-cost "leisure airline" introduced its flight attendant uniforms which look to be a cross between a preppy J. Crew catalogue and a modern-day hipster. The clothes feature burgundy button-up cardigans and wool vests for the guys and zip-up sweaters for the ladies. To differentiate between the sexes, guys wear red, blue and yellow criss-cross ties while girls get flashy neck-scarves. (Because we've never seen that before, ahem Porter, Air Canada and basically every airline in existence.)

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In an odd flashback to the early aughts, the uniforms also include fedoras which both male and female flight attendants can wear (although it seems as if the ladies have to scrape their hair back into tight buns held together by headbands. How very "Gossip Girl".)

Unlike rival Porter Airlines, the women don't wear skirts! Instead, all flight attendants wear grey slacks which flare out at the bottom as well as white collared shirts (or red three-quarter tees) and grey shoes, which are provided by Vancouver company John Fluevog and retail for $299.

Renee Smith-Valade, Vice-President of Customer Experience said in a press release that the company wanted to make uniforms which would be "practical and comfortable." Smith-Valade said:

“We developed our uniform and overall look with our partners in record time – about four months -- with close attention to cost and making every effort to engage with Canadian designers for an end result that reflects our relaxed, fun, holiday atmosphere onboard.”

Milene Vaknin, director of national sales for Montreal’s VF Imagewear Canada, helped design the uniforms and sees them as a "a trendy, urban look."

What do you think of Air Canada Rouge's uniforms?