06/05/2013 10:13 EDT

Ryan Steele, Mountie, Skateboards At Pitt Meadows Skatepark (PHOTOS)

Horses? Please. This skateboarding Mountie has a cooler ride.

Const. Ryan Steele of the Ridge Meadows RCMP showed off his skills at Pitt Meadows skatepark on Saturday when a kid offered his board, according to the Vancouver Sun. Steele, in Red Serge following a community parade, "didn't even scuff his boots," B.C. RCMP tweeted Tuesday.

Photos of Steele have garnered praise from the community (although a few safety sticklers noted the constable should have worn the appropriate gear).

That’s a perfect pic! Community policing at its finest,” Kim Lyons wrote when Ridge Meadows RCMP shared the photo on Facebook.

Good for him to show he is concerned with the youth,” Walter Baker wrote on B.C. RCMP’s Facebook page.

This isn’t the first time a Mountie has wowed the public with an out-of-the-ordinary act; last year, a photo of an officer rrescuing a bald eagle made headlines, as did a video of one jamming in the woods with campers.

Keep up the good work, officers!