06/18/2013 11:25 EDT | Updated 06/18/2013 12:52 EDT

Toronto Should Be The New Capital Of Canada. Er..


Readers of The Huffington Post Canada responded in the hundreds to our hypothetical question: If you had to choose a new capital city for Canada, what would it be and why?

Many readers cited Toronto for a bunch of reasons, as you'll see below. We'll profile some other top picks in the days ahead.

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A selection of reader responses on why Toronto should be Canada's new capital city:

"It's our hatred for the Maple Leafs that unites this great country." — Raphaël Van der Heyden, Quebec

"Because it is the financial, cultural, and recreational capital." — Pete, Nova Scotia

"High population, popular tourist destination. Diverse and multicultural city. Headquarters of many major industries within Canada." — Unnamed, Ontario

"In England, the capital is London. In France, the capital is Paris. Only when the political capital is the country's cultural, economic and financial centre can the nation's people truly form a civilization." — Francois, Ontario

"Canada = Diversity. Toronto = one of the most diverse city in the world. As globalization raises the profile of cities, Toronto is the only 'world city' in Canada." — Shoaib, Ontario

"It's the biggest, most multicultural city in Canada. It is the financial capital. Politically it better represents Canada than any other city I can think of." — Sean Gillhoolley, Quebec

"Because we are spicy and exciting and charming and peaceful. Every few blocks there is a new experience. We are not easily offended and not too prissy. We love the weird, off-the-wall, pushing the edge, polite and sometimes not so polite characters as well as some dull and boring who call Toronto home. While we may not be very conservative, most people live safe lives here. We accept the world and everyone feels welcome here. It is a beautiful city where even our homeless are cared for. The meaning of the word "Toronto" is meeting place. This is where all nations and people meet and that is why Toronto should be the new capital." — Lynne, Ontario

"It is already the financial capital, and it is a wonderfully diverse city with plenty to see and do." — Clare, Alberta

"Kind of obvious isn't it? :)" — Chris Henderson, Ontario

"Because it is rated the happiest city in Canada, and it has most of Canada's wealth, business and sights." — Tas Khan, Ontario