06/20/2013 06:18 EDT

The Capital Of Canada Should Be Out West (VOTE)


Calgary, capital of Canada.

Has a nice ring to it, no? Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and a few other cities in the West were among the top picks proposed by our readers after we posed a very hypothetical question: If you had to name a new capital city for Canada, what would it be and why?

Several readers said it was time our capital city was moved to one of the western provinces to reflect the region's growing political and economic influence in Canada. Read some of the reasons below.

Agree? Disagree? We took all your suggestions, compiled the gallery below and opened it up to a vote. Next week, we'll put the top eight finalists into a national face-off. So far, it appears Vancouver and Calgary will make the finals. VOTE NOW by clicking 'Like' on your favourite cities:

VOTE: New Capital Of Canada



"Because it is the hub of oil exploration and that is what is moving Canada forward on the world stage." — Cleta Haggerty, Alberta

"Because Calgary is the best! Our mayor does not smoke crack, the food and culture here is amazing and we have beautiful mountains, rivers and parks!" — Jane, Alberta

"Rich heritage, diverse culture, Heart of the New West and an amazing place to live. Beautiful mountains in the distance, not to mention Banff and Lake Louise close by." — Unnamed, Alberta

"Calgary is economically, politically and culturally the most influential city in Canada." — TL, Alberta

"It's vibrant, diverse, growing, and economically robust, and represents the future of our nation. The majority of Calgary's population became Calgarians in the past 30 years, coming from all over the country to help create the city of 1M+ we have today, so the entire nation is represented in Calgary. It's a beautiful city, with mountain and prairie views, wide natural areas and the most sunshine of any major city in Canada." — Tracy, Alberta

"We are a huge business city, and we have enough space from other cities to see them objectively." — Unnamed, Alberta

"It would completely revamp Canadian politics to have the capital in a western city. It would be very interesting to watch the dynamics change in Parliament." — Unnamed, Winnipeg


"It is a seaport, nearest to eastern Asia where much of our trading takes place. Near the wealth in Alberta. A temperate climate conducive to clarity of thought. It really is the centre of the world." — Sharon Sadler, B.C.

"It has a wonderful mix of high tech and other business ventures, fantastic scenery, great acceptance of people of all races, religions and sexual preferences ... and the weed is spectacular." — Ben Crosse, B.C.

"Food, sights, flowers and trees, people, beauty, water, hotels, and you feel calm with everything, and the wildlife." — Tish Roberts, Ontario

"Vancouver is a dynamic, engaging metropolitan city filled with culture and diversity. Vancouver's wide diversity of people is an accurate representation of Canada's national identity, and the city itself has so much to it. From sports to arts and culture, Vancouver truly has it all." — B Maclean, Alberta

"Consistently one of the best cities for quality of life, a true symbol of Canada and a showcase for our multicultural country." — Kris, B.C.


"Many cultures cooperate as one and they're the true gateway to the north. It already is the capital of the most prosperous, intelligent, and energetic region in all of Canada and is well positioned for this strategic advance should it ever occur." — Randal James, Alberta

"It is the gateway to Canada's energy sector and the hub of Alberta." — Ross, Alberta

"Most honest and best-kept secret in the country. Great place to live." — Leonard Berube, Alberta

"Edmonton is the true gateway to the north. It's a melting pot like no other city in the world. Winter 10 months of the year. You can almost see B.C. and Saskatchewan from here." — John Mullen, Alberta