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Maygan Sensenberger, Ex-Senator's Wife, Plays Sex Doll In Latest Film


Maygan Sensenberger, the aspiring actress and 24-year-old wife of former Liberal senator Rod Zimmer, plays a sex doll in her latest piece of work to hit the web.

Postmedia’s Marc Weisblott uncovered the digital short, entitled "The Candy Doll," over the weekend.

In the parody ad, Sensenberger plays a robotic girlfriend who knows "a dozen words and 150 sexual positions," even though "Candy" says more than a dozen words in the clip.

"Before I didn’t grope, now I grope," actor Pierre Sicard says at one point, grabbing Sensenberger’s breast.

Watch the full video below, if you are so inclined.

Sensenberger made her acting debut last December in the short film, "First Ladies," starring as the leader of North America in a future where men are second-class citizens and women rule. The film was included in Ottawa’s Digi60 Festival. 

"First Ladies" producer Allen Rouston sung Sensenberger's praises to HuffPost Canada.

"She conducted herself very professionally, everything from arriving early, knowing all her dialogue and being very receptive to direction," he said. "She also appears to have a natural talent for acting."

Sensenberger and Zimmer, 70, married in 2011 but really made headlines last year when Sensenberger plead guilty to causing a disturbance on board an Air Canada flight. She was arrested after passengers reported she threatened to slit Zimmer’s throat during an argument. Others, however, said she was upset after Zimmer began experiencing tightness in his chest and she thought he was having a heart attack.

Sensenberger was given one-year probation and ordered to seek counselling. She described the incident as overblown.

Zimmer resigned from the Senate earlier this month amid ongoing health issues. He has been in and out of hospital several times this year and battled pneumonia last spring.

But even if her acting career doesn't pan out, it appears Sensenberger could be sitting pretty.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation calculated she could bank more than $500,000 in the upcoming decades from her husband’s pension.

"Assuming Zimmer lives until age 90 — the average life expectancy of pension plan members — Sensenberger will begin to collect a pension in 2033, at 44 years old," wrote Nick Bergamini in a popular blog post on the taxpayer watchdog's website. "Indexed to inflation, she would collect $532,568, assuming she also lives to age 90. In the event that she were to begin collecting immediately, she would collect $644,000 by the time she reaches age 90 in 2079."

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