08/23/2013 12:39 EDT

Anne Ip Lottery Winner From Burnaby, B.C. Collects $3.2 Million


It was all smiles for Burnaby grandmother Anne Ip when she scored all six numbers on Wednesday's lottery to win $3.2 million.

"My first reaction was awe," 66-year-old Ip said in a press release. "I'm overwhelmed. It's unreal after you discover you've won this much money."

She purchased the ticket at the lottery retailer in Burnaby's Lougheed Mall. Her first big ticket purchase will be a new car, swiftly followed by a house, she said.

"I've shared the news with my immediate family," she said. "I can't believe my eyes!"

Though it makes her a millionaire, Ip's win is fairly understated compared to some of the massive prizes doled out in B.C.

In April this year, Chad Seguin won $15.8 million, and a year before that, Bob Erb made headlines with a whopping $25 million win, which he quickly began redistributing around his home of Terrace. Erb also made headlines for helping a diner owner whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer, as well as vowing to help the legalize marijuana movement.

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