09/19/2013 08:04 EDT | Updated 09/20/2013 06:57 EDT

Trudeau Apologizes For 'Used Car Salesmen' Quip, Throws Dig At Ezra Levant


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau apologized on Twitter Thursday for offending used car dealers — and threw a dig at Sun News' Ezra Levant in the process.

In a press scrum earlier in the week, Trudeau — who has said transparency will be a hallmark of his leadership — remarked that politicians now "rank below used car salesmen" when it comes to trustworthiness.

The quip didn't sit well with Warren Barnard, executive director at the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario, who penned an open letter to the Grit leader.

Barnard accused Trudeau of attempting to "deride the tens of thousands of hard working men and women" who work in the industry.

"Yes, Mr. Trudeau, politicians do rank behind used car salespeople," Barnard wrote. "Our members and their employees have known that for a long time."

AutoDrive Canada, a used car dealership in Vaughan, Ont., tweeted a link of the letter to Trudeau.

Levant, never one to pass on a chance to give Trudeau a hard time, also joined in.

Which led to Trudeau's apology — and a shot back at the outspoken Sun News host.

While AutoDrive tweeted back that the apology was appreciated, Levant was unimpressed.

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