10/08/2013 11:41 EDT | Updated 10/09/2013 05:20 EDT

Girl's Incredible Before-And-After Tranformation After Jaw Surgery (PHOTO)

It took three years and three jaw surgeries but a young woman has a new look and a new lease on life.

Reddit user weezerbeth posted a before-and-after photo of herself on Tuesday which showed her incredible transformation from a girl who needed dental work to a young woman with a beautiful smile and a more confident attitude.

The 18-year-old answered a few questions about the pic in a Reddit thread, saying that the surgery was not for cosmetics purposes but to correct her teeth.

"These surgeries were purely for medical purposes," she said, "but they still resulted in a plastic surgery affect. Although I wouldn't consider plastic surgery, my view on it completely changed after I had my jaw surgeries. I realized society has a double standard almost."

Not surprisingly, she got a lot of support from Reddit users who shared their own surgery stories and revealed how hard it was for them to cope with taunts at school, something that "weezerbeth" had a lot of experience with.

She wrote: "When I was younger, I got made fun of a ton. I was actually 13 when I was a sophomore in high school which was really rough because I obviously felt out of place and was never friends with the "pretty girls". However, as a result, I made some of the best friends ever. They didn't like me because I was pretty. My friends liked me because I was funny and we liked the same things. They have always stuck by my side, not knowing one day I would look a little better."

Not only does this girl have a beautiful smile but she also seems to have incredible makeup skills which she put to good use in the pic (that's some wicked eyeliner!)

It seems that skilled makeup artists are becoming super trendy lately, thanks to innovative women who test the boundaries of makeup such as the young woman who wowed by aging herself several decades and another woman who looked unrecognizable after she painted her face.