10/21/2013 02:09 EDT | Updated 10/22/2013 01:29 EDT

Toronto Fashion Week 2013: Best And Worst Fashions From Seasons Past (PHOTOS)

We know that during Toronto Fashion Week, everybody tries his or her best. Why wouldn’t they? Designers’ blood, sweat, and tears go into making pieces that we can wear, and sometimes it works out beautifully.

Other times, not so much. But that’s how Fashion Week works: you have the great, the good, and the not-for-everyone. So to bring you up to speed on what to expect during World MasterCard Fashion Week 2013, here’s our pick of the bests and worst of fashion weeks past.

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1. Not-So-Best: Caitlin Power’s Leather-Like Top And Powder Blue Bottoms

The ‘90s may be a fashion beacon, but that doesn’t always mean the decade’s looks should be represented simultaneously. Caitlin Power’s leather-like sleeveless top, which walked the runway at her Fall 2013 collection, hits ‘90s dance culture out of the park (see: "Electric Circus"), but pairing it with gloves and business-appropriate trousers downplays the wearability of the tank. All of these are wearable things, just not necessarily at the same time.

2. Best: Caitlin Power’s Caped Venture

But then there’s the cape. Grey with a leather lapel (to prevent the ensemble from seeming too monochromatic), it perfectly ties together the cream blouse and ankle-length trousers. Perfect for autumn, winter, or whenever you want to channel Victorian England-meets-"The Craft."

3. Not-So-Best: Travis Taddeo’s Oversize Fur

Fake fur or real fur (particularly vintage fur, so you don’t have to kill anything) is basically timeless, but like most statement-making pieces, it shouldn’t overtake you as you wear it. Travis Taddeo’s Fall 2013 fur vest works great alongside the black skirt and boots (and especially the model’s slicked and stripped-back hair and makeup), but its size makes wearing it day-to-day nearly impossible. In a car, absolutely. But on the subway? Walking long distances? On the streetcar? Sadly, it is a piece for the elite.

4. Best: Lacerda' ‘90s Vibes

But on the flipside, there’s this: Lacerda ‘90s throwback updated just enough to make it wearable in almost any setting. The collared shirt and sweater keeps the look preppy, while the leather skirt adds an edge that prevents it from looking too precious. Lastly, the knee socks add to the academic vibe, leaving us all pining for days when we had to wear a school uniform (despite those days actually being terrible).

5. Best: Vawk’s Belted Cape Coat

Capes are everywhere this season, and for good reason: they’re fantastic. However, for those on the fence when it comes to embracing the trend, Vawk’s Fall 2013 belted cape coat provides the perfect solution. Still fitted enough to work as a jacket (that will define your waist, no less), its sleeves are just cape enough, making it one-step closer to you becoming Stevie Nicks (if Steve Nicks wore belted coats).

6. Not-So-Best: Rudsak’s Gold Skirt/Sheer Blouse Combo

Gold and metallics have a permanent place in almost every season, but the pairing of the micro-mini and sheer button-up seen at Rudsak's Fall 2013 collection, makes for something that’s a little over-the-top, and not necessarily for most people. Can it be done? Absolutely – though if you’re hoping to wear the outfit to work, you may want to pick up tights to go with it, or a bandeau to wear underneath the top. The leather blazer, however, can go with anything.

7. Best: Unttld’s Fitted Three-Quarter Length Sleeve Dress

Don’t let anyone ever tell you to stop wearing black (especially so close to Halloween). And if they do, show them pieces like Unttld’s Fall 2013 collection which featured a three-quarter length sleeve fitted knee-length dress as proof of how valuable the shade really is. Whether worn belted, or a little looser (for a more ‘20s or ‘30s feel), you can pair it with opaque or patterned tights, heels, and accessories to make this dress appropriate for almost any occasion.

8. Best: Joe Fresh Channels The Early-To-Mid ‘60s

Joe Fresh excels at setting the scene, and this Fall 2013 take on Paris in the early ‘60s is bang-on thanks to everything from the headscarf to the black and white stripes to the black tailored skirt. In short, it works just as well in 2013 as it did nearly 60 years ago. And as we’re reminded by the ever-increasing influence of vintage pieces, there’s nothing wrong with bringing back classics.

9. Best: Mackage And ‘90s Leather

First and foremost, the model is wearing a leather mini-backpack. Therefore, she and this outfit have forever earned a place in our hearts and on our minds. Secondly, the abundance of leather with Mackage’s neutral take on classic plaid for Fall 2013 helps remind us that leather leggings and dresses are easy to wear – especially if paired with a simpler fabric like plaid. And a mini backpack. (Why did we ever let those go away?)

10. Not-so-best: MATIS By Lucian Matis' Ankle-Length Plaid

All of us like plaid. Everybody. Even people who lie and say they don’t. However, too much of anything can cause a problem, and in the case of MATIS by Lucian Matis’ Fall 2013 collection, the Little House on the Prairie¬-inspired ankle-length, long-sleeved plaid dress consumes the wearer with its abundance of fabric. If the dress were more fitted, shorter, had shorter sleeves, or even lower neck, it would create a balance. But without it, the dress comes off a little strong – even though those puffed sleeves would’ve made Anne Shirley proud.