10/24/2013 08:29 EDT

Paulina Gretzky's Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)

paulina gretzky/Instagram

Halloween is almost upon us and no one is a bigger fan of dressing up than Paulina Gretzky.

Last year, Wayne Gretzky's little girl revealed her bad side in a sexy cop uniform complete with handcuffs, hat, badge, lowcut top, booty shorts and of course, thigh-high boots. (What? Don't cops dress like they're going out to a club where you're from?)

But of course, the 24-year-old is never satisfied with wearing just one costume on Halloween. After all, this is the girl who likes to indulge in leather, monkeys and tiny shorts. The Flare covergirl also posed as a circus ringmaster and Deadmau5 for her festivities.

The recently engaged singer doesn't just play dress-up around Halloween, oh no; Dustin Johnson's wife-to-be even likes to wear costumes when she's out having a beer, such as the time when she suited up as a St. Pauli Girl, braids and all.

We can't wait to see what the wannabe model is going to wear for Halloween 2013 so to satiate your curiosity, take a look back at her former costumes (or see how you can dress up like Paulina for Halloween):

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