10/28/2013 04:58 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 04:59 EDT

Halloween Photobombs: 25 Amazing And Creepy Moments


As creepy as Halloween can be, we can all agree there's nothing creepier than having a random person photobombing your picture.

To be fair, some Halloween photobombs can be pretty hilarious when they include random faces in the office, a stranger at a party or even your friends purposely trying to mimic your pose. But in the spirit of all things creepy, there's an equally scary mix of clown faces, skull faces and worse, no faces!

So in honour of our favourite time of the year to dress up in costume, we've collected some of the best Halloween photobombs from Instagram and Twitter from this past weekend.

And if photobombs don't amuse you, we also have 45 of the best terrified faces at Nightmares Fear Factory to make you laugh. Happy Halloween!

Send us your own photobombs to and we'll add it to the slideshow.

Halloween Photobombs 2013

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