11/14/2013 12:31 EST

Rob Ford's Toronto Argonauts Jersey Makes CFL Distance Themselves From Mayor


Not even the Toronto Argonauts want anything to do with Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

After Ford made shocking statements on Thursday at City Hall all the while wearing an Argos jersey, the football team made a statement distancing themselves from the embattled mayor.

The statement, which was also posted on their Twitter page, reads:

“The Toronto Argonauts organization is not in a position to comment on the manner of dress of public officials, The situation with respect to the Mayor and his leadership is unseemly at best. These latest remarks, while wearing our team’s jersey, are particularly disappointing given our organization’s work in the community to help youth deal with issues of bullying prevention. We hope for the benefit of the wonderful citizens of Toronto and this great city that this situation is resolved expeditiously.”

This comes after Ford made an obscene remark on live TV, where he addressed allegations made by his former staff to the police. The mayor denied that he told a former staff member that he wanted to "eat her pussy."

"The last thing was Olivia Gondek... it says that I want to eat her pussy. I've never said that in my life to her. I would never do that," Ford said. "I'm happily married and I've got more than enough to eat at home." (And we're all disgusted now.)

CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon said that he is not concerned that the mayor, who admitted to smoking crack cocaine and buying illegal drugs while in office, wears an Argos jersey to work.

“I know he’s a big football fan,” Cohon said Thursday. “That’s his choice to wear that jersey. What I’m focused on is our games on Sunday and the Grey Cup the following week.”

That's all well and good but what we really want to know is: Would Robbie ever consider pairing his NFL tie with the jersey?

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