11/19/2013 10:45 EST

#RobFordSitcom Parodies The Toronto Mayor's Ongoing Scandal (TWITTER)


'The Kids In The City Hall' and 'Parks And Recreational Drug Use' aren't the names of real shows, unfortunately.

Instead, they're Twitter users' contributions to a new hashtag, #RobFordSitcom, a nod to the sometimes surreal nature of the scandal involving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — and a jab at the fact that his Sun News TV show was cancelled after just one episode.

Ford appeared on numerous Canadian and international talk shows Monday and Tuesday to defend himself after Toronto city councillors voted overwhelmingly to limit the scope of the mayor's powers. The mayor has repeatedly said that he's stopped drinking, is sorry for his past behaviour, and won't step down.

While #RobFordSitcom is not the first Twitter meme that Ford has spawned, it is definitely the first to express an overwhelming wish that this was all just a hilarious TV show.

We wish it was, people of Twitter. We wish it was.

Check out some of the tweets in the slideshow below.

#RobFordSitcom Tweets