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Party Dresses To Avoid This Christmas (PHOTOS)

There’s always that one woman at the party who, in an effort to stand out, dresses to be the centre of attention but for all the wrong reasons.

To avoid being the holiday party train-wreck this year, we’ve put together a celebrity-inspired party dress guide on what not to wear. Whether you’re heading to a company holiday soiree, a fundraiser or your family Christmas party, make sure you go through our list of party dresses to avoid to ensure you’re not breaking any sartorial rules.

If you do end up making a fashion misstep (as we all do from time to time), just thank your lucky stars you’ll just get a few raised eyebrow instead of making the cover of Us Weekly.

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Holiday Dresses To Avoid

Too Tight

If you’re wearing seamless underwear and you can still see the lines, rest assured your dress is a bit too snug. There shouldn't be any puckering, especially if you plan on eating a big turkey dinner.

Here's a tip: If your dress has that many crease marks due to stretching, go up a size. There’s no shame in wearing a size that embraces your curves.

Too Busy

There’s a difference between making a statement and giving party guests vertigo from looking at you.

Take Vanessa Hudgens who wore a Temperley London dress that left us a little dizzy thanks to a combination of polka dots, lace, beading, embroidery and tulle competing for our attention.

If you must wear a busy frock, make sure to wear a simple hairdo and minimal accessories which won't compete with your dress.

Too Frumpy

Boxy, shapeless dresses are a trend right now, but wear it wrong and you’re dubbed the party frump.

Rihanna tried to be ultra trendy in a granny-inspired tea dress and ended up looking, well, like a grandma. The length of the dress paired with the bizarre black hoof platforms did nothing for her body.

And although we had major issues with Rihanna’s dress, it wasn't nearly as questionable as Pippa Middleton’s 2011 green dress which brought frump to a whole new level.

Not Age Appropriate

The general rule is to wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful. However, lines occasionally need to be drawn, especially if your intention is to make a good impression.

If you’re bordering 60, we don’t recommend copying former supermodel Janice Dickinson’s example. We regularly find her wearing tiny mini dresses that barely cover her torso. Actually, we don’t recommend Dickinson’s dresses for any age or occasion.

Too Short

This is just common sense, especially if you’re going to a company holiday party where your boss will be present. How short is too short? If there’s any concern that bending over might get you canned, consider another dress.

Heidi Klum wore a sparkly embellished dress which is perfect for any holiday party – if you add three inches to the hem.

Too Sexy

Two words: Nicki Minaj.

The former "American Idol" judge looks great in curve-hugging outfits but if your breasts are popping out, then you've gone too far.

Too Ugly

Sometimes you can’t articulate why a dress looks wrong because it's just plain old ugly.

Take Madonna's green feathered frock which looked like it was made from hair; if it had been a dress with a few feathered accents, it would have been so much better, but the all-over effect makes us want to run in the other direction.

When in doubt, ask your friends!

Too Out Of Place

If you’re just going to a casual holiday gathering, dress for a casual gathering.

We love the red Dior gown that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Golden Globes but it’s absolutely not appropriate for Uncle Joe’s Christmas party.

Wrong Season

We miss summer too so we hear you. The thought of a great no fuss sundress sounds delightful however Canadian winters call for heavier fabrics.

Sienna Miller looked stunning in a floral dress and strappy sandals but you’ll look like you missed the memo from Old Man Winter if you show up to a Christmas party in it.

Fabrics that are too lightweight will also look out of place like this shift worn by “The Fast and The Furious” actress Jordana Brewster, so it's best to go for something with a bit more weight like lace, satin or velvet.

Too Flashy

Save flashy for New Year’s Eve. Spiked shoulders and excessive sparkles, as per singers Rihanna and Fergie, have their place when you're counting down the clock but don't expect your boss or family to be impressed if your dress blinds them. Sparkles are fine, just make sure you're not drowning in them.

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