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Alberta People Are Newsmaker Of The Year As Selected By

Give yourselves a hand, fine folks of Alberta – you've been voted 2013's newsmaker of the year.

National news website has selected the people of Alberta as this year's top Canadian newsmaker, for the resilience and caring shown during June's devastating floods.

"For the perseverance, kindness and sheer gumption, the people of Alberta that are our newsmaker of the year," the website wrote of their decision.

And it's not as though there aren't a strong list of contenders – Chris Hadfield, Naheed Nenshi, Rob Ford and the Canadian Senate are currently battling it out for Huffington Post Canada readers' vote for top newsmaker – but, in this case, good news prevails, highlighting the everyday folks who turned in kindness to their neighbours in a time of need.

Amid tragedy, an overwhelming outpouring of support came from all corners of the province as people pitched in to help rebuild and restore. Six month later, thousands of volunteers continue to work tirelessly as the province moves toward recovery from the flooding that displaced thousands and changed the landscape of Southern Alberta forever.

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Most Moving Photos From The Alberta Flood says stories about Alberta's flooding and aftermath attracted more traffic to their site this year than Rob Ford, Chris Hadfield and the Toronto International Film Festival combined.

"Those readers weren’t flocking to see a politician implode, people be awful to each other or gawk at a self-made sex symbol. They flocked to see humanity at its best, pulling together to help one another."

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