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How To Get Over A Breakup

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If you've recently parted ways with your partner, you've probably been told it's one of the worst times of the year to go through it. With Valentine's Day just days away, watching other people show their love, make out and take up all the good dinner reservations may just make it hurt a little more.

But instead of beating yourself up and eating your way through a breakup, entrepreneur Jay Ryan says this is the perfect time to start fresh.

"Being single after a committed relationship can also be a good time to rejuvenate yourself," says Ryan, co-founder of online jewelry retailer

Breaking up on the day before or after the day of love can also be a blessing in disguise, according to Psychology Today. Writer F. Diane Barth adds that people who break up on this day may actually love the holiday itself, but (possibly just for that reason), find that Valentine's Day shines a light on other problems in the relationship.

And if you still need some convincing singlehood isn't so bad, check out our top reasons why being alone on V-Day is absolutely amazing.

Here are Ryan's tips to get over a bad breakup:

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Sweat It Out

It’s almost a cliché that exes lose weight or their appetites after splitting up. Or, they gain weight and lose energy from constantly eating junk. This time around, avoid both scenarios and head to the gym for a new workout routine. Join a class, try yoga and add more nutritional options to your meals. And yes, say no to pints of chocolate ice cream.

Get Your Wardrobe Fix

If you lived with your partner, you may have to deal with going through their clothes in your closet or even the clothes or jewelry they bought for you. Instead of reminiscing about the past, treat yourself to some new clothes and remind yourself you have a new you to dress and enjoy.

Be Proactive With Your Reading Right after a breakup, you may turn to self-help books or something nonfiction about finding love. Instead, think about sticking to the classics by Shakespeare, for example, to understand the emotional complexity of love itself — and maybe laugh/cry along the way?

Give Yourself A Reminder Of The New You

In our society, we often commemorate romantic unions or celebrations with jewelry. So instead of being bummed out after your breakup, consider buying yourself a piece of jewelry as a reminder that you don't need anyone to buy anything for you.

Take A Drive

A breakup is the beginning of a new life trajectory and one of the best ways to start your new journey is by taking a trip. Grab your friends, grab a map and head east, west, south, north — whatever helps you get away and relax.

Host A Dinner Party

Instead of being in isolation, host a dinner party with the people who support you the most. Hey, you can even call it a breakup party if you so choose.

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