02/18/2014 10:39 EST | Updated 02/18/2014 10:59 EST

Roll Up The Rim Song Speaks To Nation's Angst (VIDEO)

Nothing conveys the pain of seeing the words “please play again” on your Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim cup like this heartfelt (albeit cheesy) song.

“Please play again/

don't think I can/

my heart can't take/

anymore caffeine or disappointment”

It’s early on in the Roll Up The Rim contest, but no doubt some of Canada’s coffee drinkers are already feeling the angst of losing. And with Tim Hortons offering a bonus roll for its 50th anniversary, some customers are agonizing over seeing those three disappointing words twice on each cup.

But don’t give up hope yet, Canada. We’ve got until April 25 (or until supplies last) to take home a prize.

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