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Trudeau's Photo With Son Suggests Grit Leader Headed Back To Work

Say what you will about Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau but the man knows social media.

On Thursday morning, the Liberal leader tweeted a photo of him and his new son, Hadrien, which suggests Trudeau is returning to work after some time off with the family.

"After two weeks of PJs and track pants, it's time for a suit again," Trudeau wrote.

Trudeau announced the birth of his third child on Feb. 28 in much the same manner, tweeting a photo of Hadrien gripping his finger.

The shot was re-tweeted close to 800 times.

And, last summer, Trudeau took to Twitter to announce his wife, Sophie Gregoire, was pregnant.

Social media also played a big role in Trudeau's campaign for Liberal leader last year. Trudeau first announced his candidacy to his hundreds of thousands of online followers.

He also shared a candid shot of him and his wife dancing just before his speech at the Liberal showcase, which was promptly turned into a popular GIF by his social media team.

Dr. Tamara Small, who specializes in digital politics at the University of Guelph, suggested to HuffPost last spring that Trudeau may be taking a page from another politician who is awfully popular on Twitter.

"When it comes to online campaigning, Obama is the gold-standard," she said in an email exchange. "Campaigners all over the world have looked to the Obama campaign for direction and inspiration. I am sure the Trudeau campaign is no different in that respect."

Of course, Trudeau has also had some social media #fails — like the time he was hilariously overshadowed by The Indifferent Baby Who Won The Internet.

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