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Trudeau Misspelled Baby's Name In Announcement, Rep Confirms

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeauposted a photo of his newborn son to Twitter on Thursday but there was a slight change from the announcement of the boy's birth shared on social media a few weeks ago.

Let's compare the two.

Yes, the youngest Trudeau — who was coincidentally born on the 30th anniversary of Pierre Trudeau's "walk in the snow" — is named Hadrien, not Hadrian.

A Liberal spokesperson confirmed to Global News' Laura Stone that the original tweet had a typo.

"Mr. Trudeau's son is named Hadrien. In the excitement and sleep deprivation of the birth, it was misspelled in the initial tweet," Kate Purchase told Stone in an email.

Trudeau received congratulations from politicians of all stripes after his third child was born, including his two biggest rivals.

And though he is only a few weeks old, Hadrien has already been the subject of several news stories, at least one column, and a push by the Liberal Party to build up its database of potential donors.

Party president Anna Gainey, a Trudeau confidant, recently sent out an email blast urging well-wishers to send the party their names and email addresses, along with congratulatory messages that would be passed on to Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire.

"Don't expect to see much of Justin in the news for the next few days, right now he’s where he should be — with his family," Gainey said.

"I imagine many of you would appreciate a chance to welcome baby Hadrian and express your excitement and happiness for the family, so we wanted to give you the opportunity here."

When the news first broke, a story in The National Post suggested Hadrian was something of an unusual pick, as "the Roman emperor most commonly associated with the name is surrounded by controversy."

The Post story said Hadrian, who reigned from 117 to 138 A.D., was celebrated for his economic stewardship but also "reviled among the Jewish community" for killing up to 500,000 Jewish people.

The story also pointed out that Hadrian was a homosexual and "built a legendary wall separating England and Scotland to keep the Scots at bay."

While other stories about baby have referenced later Emperor Hadrian — including a later story from The Canadian Press featured on HuffPost — the National Post story was the subject of a scathing column by Sun Media's Warren Kinsella.

Kinsella thought there was something "political" about the four paragraphs the Post dedicated to Roman history.

"When a few of us saw that 'news story,' we were surprised. To us, it seemed like the National Post was actually insinuating that Hadrian Trudeau was named after a homicidal, anti-Semitic maniac. And not, apparently, some other Hadrian the Trudeaus know," he wrote.

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