03/14/2014 12:15 EDT | Updated 03/14/2014 12:59 EDT

Jamie Dornan On Modelling: 'I've Never Felt Massively Satisfied'

Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 05: Jamie Dornan attends the '9 Countries, 9 men, 1 Winner' Calvin Klein Photocall at House of Fraser, Oxford Street on September 5, 2009 in London, England. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

He's happily climbing up the Hollywood ladder but Jamie Dornan wasn't always an actor on the rise.

The 31-year-old, who will soon be slaying hearts as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of "Fifty Shades Of Grey," got his start in the biz as a model, most noticeably at Calvin Klein.

Now that he's a full-fledged actor (Dornan also stars in the TV thriller "The Fall" with Gillian Anderson and the historical TV drama "New Worlds"), the Irishman doesn't have much time for modelling and he prefers it that way.

Jamie recently told The Evening Standard that he was never at ease with being a model.

"I've never felt massively satisfied from standing there while someone takes my photograph," he said. "It's never given me a thrill, but it would take a very foolish man to turn down the stuff that was offered to me. You're in your twenties, and people are going to give you a silly amount of money to lean against a wall with your head down. Fuck me, you've got to do it."

Despite his reluctance, Keira Knightley's ex still makes mad coin by being the face of Hogan and Italian label Zegna.

Even though the dad, who recently welcomed a baby girl with wife Amelia Warner, is being extra picky about his modelling jobs, we hope that one day he'll go shirtless again so we can add the pics to our collection.

Need proof of his gorgeousness? Here you go:

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