03/18/2014 04:59 EDT | Updated 03/19/2014 12:59 EDT

Quebec Charter Of Values Spoofed In Epic Fashion (PHOTO)

Don't like the Quebec Charter of Values? Then this is for you.

The following infographic, which was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, was created by Jess Salomon, a former UN war crimes lawyer and now a comic based out of Montreal.

She made it with illustrator Jesse Brown for Notre Montreal, an initiative of Quebec-based civil rights organization CRITIQ.

It's a clever send-up of the controversial charter, which proposes a ban on religious clothing such as turbans, kippas and hijabs at schools, hospitals and courthouses.

The infographic is actually a visual version of "Bill 60.2 Charter of Montreal Values," a spoof of the Charter of Values that Salomon wrote for the Gazette last November.

One of the funnier sections of Salomon's Charter concerns Toronto Maple Leafs fans:



1. Everyone is entitled to be who he or she is, in the public and private sector, unless they are Leafs Fans.

2. If they are Leafs Fans:

(a) They must keep their ostentatious jerseys in the closet, and

(b) Reconsider their worth as human beings."

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