03/26/2014 11:08 EDT | Updated 03/26/2014 11:59 EDT

Paulina Gretzky Teaches Us How To Wear Club Dresses (PHOTOS)

Paulina Gretzky isn't a fashion icon (yet) but the NHL heiress can still teach us a lot about style. Specifically: how to wear club dresses.

Just think about it for a sec; the 25-year-old spends most of her life doing two things: spending time in a bikini and partying hard at a club (and documenting it all on Instagram, natch).

So, who better to school you in the art of party dresses than Wayne Gretzky's favourite daughter?

Not only does she know how to avoid a wardrobe malfunction but girl is an expert at balancing the reveal factor of her dress (if there's a lot of leg, hide your cleavage and vice versa).

Take a look at more fashion lessons from Paulina on how to rock a club dress (a.k.a. any dress that is tight):

Paulina Gretzky's Club Dresses