04/24/2014 03:14 EDT | Updated 04/24/2014 03:59 EDT

White Summer Dresses: Cute Ideas To Prepare You For The Heat

Tony Anderson via Getty Images

Go away pants, no one likes your style!

We're good and done with cold-weather clothing (buh-bye leggings) and are itching to get into cute summer dresses so we can feel the warm air caress our pale legs. Specifically, we're eager to get our hands on one specific kind of dress, which we haven't been able to wear since last Labour Day: the white summer dress.

There's something that's just so summery about wearing a white frock, no? Not only is it the hue for warm weather but it can be paired with any other colour. Black? No problem, it's very Parisian chic. Purple? Sure, go for it. Yellow? Yes, please!

What we're saying is: every woman on Earth should have at least one white summer dress hanging in her closet (or preferably three: one short, one long, one totally sexy).

Check out our picks for the best white summer dresses to wear in 2014, whether the sky's the limit with your budget or whether you're looking for cheap(er) styles.

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