05/05/2014 04:04 EDT | Updated 05/05/2014 04:59 EDT

It's Definitely Not Spring In Alberta.. Not Even Close

Dear Mother Nature,

It's time to cut the people of Alberta some slack.

We toiled through what seemed like a particularly harsh winter and this is how you repay us:

People in Southern Alberta weren't too impressed with the 48 hours of continuous snow and rain you dumped on us this past weekend.

But, just as resilient prairie folk often do, we greeted your silly weather choices with a sense of humour:

We even rose to the challenge, Mother Nature, and one-upped your attempt at showing off:

And while we can't say we're totally shocked by the snowstorm (you have a knack for putting us in our place each time we think warmer days are ahead), please do us a huge solid and send an extra nice summer our way, OK?

We think we deserve it.

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