06/03/2014 07:58 EDT | Updated 06/03/2014 08:59 EDT

Jimmy Fallon Mocks Rob Ford, Habs Mascot (VIDEO)

Stop, Jimmy Fallon, hasn't Youppi! suffered enough?

The host of "The Tonight Show" piled the mockery on top of the Canadiens mascot Monday night, just a day after Youppi! was photographed sulking around Montreal to settle a bet when the Habs lost.

Fallon showed the mascot entering Chez Serge, a restaurant he once visited himself, and riding a mechanical bull with none of the joy that such a task entails.

This being a Canadian story, Fallon couldn't stop there. He also threw in a dig at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for good measure.

Thanks, Jimmy. Canada is hurting today.

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