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Average Pay In Alberta: 30 Occupations By Wage, Salary

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It's no secret people from across Canada are flocking to Alberta to make money.

Statistics Canada numbers show that Alberta is currently growing faster than any other province.

The Royal Bank of Canada is predicting stronger economic growth this year and next for Canada, but says only Alberta will see the kind of gains that will make a real impact on job creation.

Alberta will lead the country with a 3.7 per cent economic growth rate in 2014, slowing only moderately to 3.5 per cent in 2015, says RBC.

A healthy economy and job creation make Alberta a desirable place to live for many Canadians, who decide to leave behind provinces with growing unemployment and seek fortune in the west.

We've compiled the average salaries and wages for 30 occupations in Alberta — collecting data for jobs ranging from nursing, to bartending, to petroleum engineering.

Like in any field or industry, how much someone makes varies greatly from company to company, from city to city, how long someone's been on the job and whether some of the compensation may come in forms other than paycheques.

You can browse more Alberta wages at the Alberta Learning Information Service website.

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