07/21/2014 12:08 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 10:59 EDT

Juicy Couture Tracksuit Nostalgia: Best Celebrity Moments (VIDEO)

Long live the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit?

We may not see the once ubiquitous sweats on celebrities these days but for those of you who are new to the outfit, we're here to tell you that everyone (even Amy Poehler) wore the bedazzled suit at one point in their life (probably in the early aughts).

Although Juicy Couture is going through some serious financial trouble now, the company used to rake in the dough thanks to the multitude of celebs who were spotting wearing the iconic style staple.

From Jennifer Lopez (never forget her velour shorts in the "I'm Real" music video), Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, the tracksuit was seen on all the A-listers of the day.

There are even signs that the velour suit is making a comeback: Kim Kardashian recently posted a Throwback Thursday photo on Instagram that showed her sprawled out on a Range Rover decked out in a pink velour tracksuit.

Take a look at the video above to see the Juicy Couture tracksuit's best celebrity moments.