07/21/2014 03:28 EDT | Updated 07/21/2014 03:59 EDT

What Living With A Partner Does To Your Style (PHOTOS, GIFs)

When you live alone, a lot of your fashion rules go out the window thanks to the fact that there's no one there to judge the fact that you basically live in your underwear when you're at home.

But funnily enough, we discovered that even when one shacks up with a partner, your style habits, while initially neat and fashionable, eventually end up mimicking your days as a singleton.

Check out what really happens to your style when you live with a partner:

When you first move in with someone, you clean up after yourself.

Your room is a clean oasis.

You even do your laundry on a regular schedule.

Look at how much fun you guys are having!

Even your clothes get folded.

You also take the time to dress nicely for your partner.

Seriously, you care about what shoes to wear

But, after a few months things start getting old.

Dirty clothes pile up on the bedroom floor.

And the laundry room.

Speaking of laundry, it's done at most every couple of weeks.

And when it's done drying, the clean clothes don't leave the machine for at least a few days.

You don't care if your partner sees you in the same clothes two days in a row.

Heck, make that four days in a row.

Incense becomes your best friend

You stop caring that your partner sees you changing into your PJs as soon as you get home from work.

You're doing this all night

These days, even a blanket passes for clothes when you're at home chilling with your beloved.

Wearing underwear with holes in it is NBD.

You become intimately familiar with your partner's socks.

Blow-drying your hair is now a thing of the very distant past.

Wet hair, don't care

Heck, styling your hair is a thing of the very distant past.


But, despite all this, living with a partner can be great for your style. After all, it can boost your confidence to the size of a Kardashian.

You're convinced that you should go everywhere in your underwear.

And most importantly, your partner thinks you look great no matter what you wear.