08/11/2014 04:59 EDT | Updated 08/12/2014 09:59 EDT

Pedestrian-Only Streets In Canada Prove We're Not Just Car Lovers

We may be a country with "great oceans of car parks," but Canadians are also in love with walking around their cities — and finding places where they can easily do so.

A 2013 survey from WalkScore (the company that rates neighbourhoods based on access to amenities by foot) put Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto in the top three spots, and unsurprisingly, each of these cities boasts a place where people can walk around without staying confined to the sidewalk.

Besides being a pleasant way to check out more of your city, walking (especially regularly) can have big benefits in terms of fighting obesity and boosting mental health.

In recent years, more cities are celebrating being car-free, closing off streets for certain points in the summer and letting people roam where they may. came up with a list that we at The Huffington Post Canada have added to, looking at the most pedestrian-friendly streets and areas in the country.

Do you love this idea of a fully walkable area, or hate it? Check out these spots across the country where pedestrians rule (at least for a time), and let us know:

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St. John's, N.L.

Where: George St.

When: After 6 p.m., all year-round

Any particular reason?: This is the heart of St. John's entertainment district, and also acts as the main stage for festivals and Mardi Gras

Charlottetown, P.E.I

Where: Victoria Row

When: During the summer months

Any particular reason?: A place for citizens to gather for music, food and general hanging out

Dartmouth, N.S.

Where: Portland Street and Prince Albert Road

When: June 15 and August 24, 2014

Any particular reason?: "It is about opening streets to a greater variety of transportation modes," via Switch Open Street Sundays.


Where: Granville Mall

When: All the time

Any particular reason?: A shopping district created out of a former street


Where: Ste-Catherine Street, between St-Hubert and Papineau

When: From May 15 to September 1, 2014

Any particular reason?: Making way for free art exhibits, street vendors as well as a backdrop for many restaurant patios, according to

Quebec City

Where: Petit Champlain district

When: Always

Any particular reason?: Narrow cobblestone streets — and tourist charm. Carefree Cities calls it the "one decent example of a carfree district" in North America.

Mont-Tremblant, Que.

Where: The village at the foot of the hill

When: Always

Any particular reason?: Tourism — it helps to create a "European-style village" feel, notes


Where: Sparks St.

When: All the time

Any particular reason?: Open-air mall and festival venue


Where: Yonge and Bloor Streets

When: August 17 and 31, 2014

Any particular reason?: For Open Streets TO, which will close these streets to cars, "promoting physical activity and exploring our city in healthy and fun ways."

Also: Kensington Market in the summer, where the whole market is closed to cars on the last Sunday of the month

Toronto Islands, Ont.

Where: Just a ferry ride from downtown Toronto

When: Always

Any particular reason?: No space, no need

Victoria Beach, Man.

Where: An hour and a half north of Winnipeg (and yes, the whole city)

When: June 20 to September 1, 2014 (and every summer)

Any particular reason?: To maintain the resort-like feel of this community, which features beaches and is home to thousands of cottagers in the summer


Where: Scarth Street Mall

When: All the time

Any particular reason?: Open-air mall


Where: Stephen Ave. (8 Ave. SW)

When: All the time

Any particular reason?: A pedestrian shopping area, entertainment district


Where: Granville Island

When: Every weekend, from June 28 to Labour Day, 2014

Any particular reason?: Part of Viva Vancouver's plan for the summer, which includes other areas of the city at other points.

Victoria, B.C.

Where: Bastion Square

When: All the time

Any particular reason?: Open square, an artisan market throughout the summer

Whistler, B.C.

Where: Whistler Village

When: All the time

Any particular reason?: Much like Mont Tremblant, keeping this area car-free adds to the resort feel of it (and makes it easier for tourists and residents to shop, eat and play)