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15 Reasons Why Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Hottest Star At TIFF 2014

There's a reason why Benedict Cumberbatch is called "the Internet's boyfriend."

The 38-year-old Brit basically made Twitter have a meltdown on Tuesday evening when he walked the TIFF 2014 red carpet for the premiere of his movie, "The Imitation Game" and took the time to take selfies with fans and be his usual adorable self.

No matter what he did when posing for photographers, the "Sherlock" star looked freakin' hot, whether he was getting all serious with his Clark Kent glasses or joking around with the Cumber Collective, who showed up for the premiere in droves.

So, to celebrate this wonderful English beast, we take a look at the 15 reasons why Benedict Cumberbatch is the hottest star at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. (Sorry, Robert Pattinson, you'll have to sit this one out.)

When he posed like this with his fans

When he looked really cute waving his arms

When he took the best selfie ever

When he took off his glasses like he was going from Clark Kent to Superman, or something


When he looked hot in these glasses

When he was the most thoughtful being in the world

When he made the most loveable face

When he paid attention to every single person there

When he showed us how handsome he is

Everytime he smiles, an angel gets its wings

When he made this adorable face

When he made Keira Knightley laugh

When he wore this newsboy cap like a boss

When he stood like this and our knees buckled

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