09/12/2014 09:26 EDT | Updated 09/12/2014 09:59 EDT

John Travolta's TIFF 2014 Lumberjack Beard Is Mesmerizing

John Travolta's facial hair has gone through many a transformation over the past few years but for TIFF 2014, the actor pulled out all the stops.

On Friday night, the 60-year-old "Pulp Fiction" star walked the Toronto Film Festival red carpet for the premiere of his movie "The Forger" sporting a full-on lumberjack beard.

Though it's been a while since Adele Dazeem Travolta looked like he did in "Grease," the handsome star still got a big reaction from the crowd when he made his way to the red carpet. (Though it probably wasn't quite as nuts as when Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson attended their TIFF premieres.)

Even ETalk host Jessi Cruickshank admitted: "Even I'm mesmerized by his facial hair."

Sporting a sleek monochrome suit and slicked back hair, Travolta looked confident as he stopped to take pictures with his fans and sign autographs. And would you believe that this was his first time at TIFF? John, if you're reading this, you must come back next year with a soul patch.

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