11/12/2014 12:22 EST

Jason Kenney's Instagram Account Has Some Strangely Familiar Photos


Jason Kenney is the latest cabinet minister to join Instagram, and it appears that he, or the staff running the account, needs a lesson on copyright.

The federal employment minister's account is a testament to his respect for veterans, history and Canadian art.

Lunch, (1969) a touching, incomplete masterpiece by one of my favourite Canadian artists, Jack Chambers.

A photo posted by Jason Kenney - Canada (@kenneyjason) on

But as The Ottawa Citizen's Dylan Robertson pointed out, there's something awfully familiar about some of the photos on his feed.

Like this one, of former German chancellor Helmut Kohl.

This photo had previously appeared in German newspaper Bild but Kenney's account did not credit it that way.

The Citizen also pointed out that this image, taken by photographer Fred Lum, had appeared in The Globe and Mail.

Thank-you, Corporal, for standing on guard for Canada.

A photo posted by Jason Kenney - Canada (@kenneyjason) on

Kenney's account would hardly be the first to post original photos without crediting them. But you'd think, when you're a minister of the crown, in a government that is pushing copyright law as hard as it is, there would at least be an acknowledgment of who took it.

(Then again, this is a government that's hoping to allow media footage to be used in political ads without permission.)

Chalk it up to being the new kid on Instagram. But it's not like there aren't examples to follow in Canadian politics.

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