Elf On The Shelf Ideas: 24 Naughty Photos Adults Will Love

A funny and quick way to get a laugh throughout December.

We’ve already gone public on how creeped out we are about Elf on the Shelf in general, but after seeing some of these naughty ideas for adults, we’re kind of getting the appeal.

The whole point of Elf on the Shelf is to encourage kids to behave well, by leaving the elf in various parts of the home. Now while this may or may not help your child actually behave, people around the web have come up with pretty creative ways to hide this elf.

But for us adults, who hopefully don’t need a reminder to be on our best behaviour, we’re left with naughty and hilarious Elf on the Shelf ideas. From drinking ample amounts of alcohol to vandalizing bananas to getting busy, these Elf on the Shelf ideas are basically made for those of you who are still have the sense of humour of a teenager. So .. all of us.

Here are 24 Elf on the Shelf photos we just couldn’t stop shaking our heads at.

Naughty Elf On The Shelf Photos