01/20/2015 01:01 EST | Updated 01/20/2015 01:59 EST

Food Markets From Around The World

<i>Uploaded by Trig of <a href="">Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef</a></i> 'Tis the season... A wonderful display of exotic fruits.

In a foodie's ideal daydream, they would be sipping on freshly squeezed pomegranate juice from Dubai in the morning and eating Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore at night.

Food markets are spread across continents and while each one has its own unique offerings, there are some markets out there that have become foodie favourites.

From Montreal's Atwater Market that sells everything from South Asian lunches to fancy chocolates, to Barcelona's Mercat de Galvany that has an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, you may want to consider hitting up a new travel destination this year in the name of food.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has come up with an infographic of the best food markets (according to foodies, of course), to help you navigate through some of world's best (and cheapest!) street spots. Each market also includes information about the type of stalls (so much cheese!) and must-try foods at each location.

In previous National Geographic's ranking of the world's top food markets, Toronto's St. Lawrence Market was the only Canadian destination on the list.

Check out the full infographic below and let us know if you've checked out any of these spots:

A roundup of the finest food markets from around the world, as chosen by leading food bloggers and writers.
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