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Maritimers Tunnel Through 25 Feet Of Snow To Reach Their Vehicles

It's snowing like mad in Atlantic Canada, and these two Maritimers aren't going to take it anymore.

P.E.I. residents Marcel Landry and Stephanie Collicutt have steadily watched mounds of snow pile up around them, burying their vehicles under about two storeys of the white stuff, The Journal Pioneer reported.

On Monday, Landry, out of "sheer cabin fever and boredom," started digging a tunnel to find his car, he told CBC News.

"Instead of shovelling the whole thing out and getting the wind to pull it back in, I just started digging in and in and in, following the path, and eventually I found the car," Landry told the network.

He spent about six hours digging on Monday and eventually brought the tunnel to a length of 25 feet and a height of about six feet in parts, he told the Journal Pioneer.

Check out some photos of the 25-foot tunnel that some Maritimers dug to find their vehicles:

Collicutt told The Huffington Post Canada in a brief phone interview from their home in Summerside that Landry was out digging again Wednesday.

"The cars have been uncovered to a certain extent," she said. "Part of the tunnel is still intact but there is about, with Marcel, there is four other friends here excavating the cars out, but there's still a lot of work to do."

As much as 86.8 centimetres of snow fell on parts of P.E.I. Sunday and Monday, and 10 to 15 centimetres more are forecast to fall on Thursday, said CBC News.

It's been so bad that the island was cut off from the mainland for over 40 hours earlier this week, as the Confederation Bridge closed Sunday and did not open again until Tuesday.

Residents were advised to stay home Tuesday.

We really have to hand it to Maritimers who won't stand idly by and let winter bury them.

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