02/26/2015 12:31 EST | Updated 02/27/2015 10:59 EST

Slush Waves Wash Up In Nova Scotia And Nantucket

A frigid winter can produce some incredible phenomena.

A frigid winter can produce some incredible phenomena.

Earlier this week, we reported on Niagara Falls turning into a "frozen rainbow."

Now, we give you slush waves.

These waves were spotted at Nova Scotia's Martinique Beach Provincial Park on Valentine's Day, turning the beach into a series of icy dunes, according to the YouTube user who posted the video.

But that's not the only place they've been spotted.

Nantucket, Mass. photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh posted the following photo, captioned "slurpee surf," on his Instagram account Wednesday.

Slurpee Surf

A photo posted by Jonathan Nimerfroh (@jdnphotography) on

It shows nearly frozen waves washing up along the shore of the island south of Cape Cod -7 degrees Celsius weather.

Nimerfroh, a surf and lifestyle photographer, noticed them while walking along the shore on Feb. 20.

"When I pulled up to the beach I could see the horizon just look strange," he told The Huffington Post Canada via email.

"When I get to the top off the dunes I see that about 300 yards out from the shoreline the ocean was starting to freeze."

Nimerfroh said there were "perfect dreamy slush waves," most of which were two feet high while some were up to three feet.

"I wonder if a shaper can make me a special designed slurfboard?" he said.

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