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The Stages Of Wedding Dress Shopping Brides Go Through

Shop Assistant Helping a Woman Try on a Wedding Dress in a Clothes Shop
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Shop Assistant Helping a Woman Try on a Wedding Dress in a Clothes Shop

Engagement season was over as of February, meaning that there are a ton of brides out there who are hoping to "say yes" to the dress in the coming months.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be an exciting and confusing time: yes, it's fun trying on all those fabulous gowns but there's a bit of pressure to find the perfect dress.

So, we take a look at the stages of wedding dress shopping many brides go through:

1. Spend weeks in post-engagement bliss


2. Make appointments with at least three bridal stores

lana del rey

A girl's gotta have options.

3. Stress over who to invite with you to go shopping


Should you bring your whole bridal party? Mom and sis? Aunts?

4. Your mom hates a dress you love


That's the worst thing that can happen.

5. Your sister loves a dress you hate



6. They don't make the dress in your size


7. Stay up all night agonizing between two gowns you love

power puff

It's so hard to choose!

8. Go to another salon, find more amazing options you love

rachel zoe

9. Should you wear a veil?


Um, yeah.

10. How important are pockets?


11. Argue with your significant other over whether they should see your dress before your wedding day

couple fight

12. That moment when you find the dress you love, no matter what anyone says


13. Finally, "say yes!"

say yes

14. Watch one season of "Say Yes to the Dress," realize all brides go through this

wedding dress

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