03/24/2015 07:13 EDT | Updated 03/24/2015 07:59 EDT

Horse, Alpaca BFFs Should Be Adopted Out Together, If Possible: SPCA

The fox and the hound. The goat and the donkey.

Now, the horse and the alpaca.

The Ontario SPCA is trying to adopt out Lexi, a Belgian/Clydesdale horse, and alpaca George, who have "always lived together and have a very strong bond," said a Facebook post.

The organization hopes to adopt them out together, if at all possible.

Lexi, the SPCA says, has not been broken in and is an "extremely nervous" horse. But she's very comfortable with George, who is "constantly chatting" with the Clydesdale while in her stall.

According to the Facebook post, there are plenty of interested parties in Canada who have lots of room for the duo, including, in one case, an organization that specifically "helps horses and their friends."

It's far from the first time we've heard about such an adorable animal coupling.

Last year, HuffPost wrote about a sad goat named Mr. G who refused to eat for six days until he was reunited with his friend Jellybean, a burro.

Then, there was the story about a puppy, Raina, who refused to leave the side of Ruuxa, a cheetah, when he had to go in for surgery.

We're just happy Lexi and George found each other, and hopefully, will soon find someone to keep them together forever.

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